March 9, 2021

Freedom Fighter | 2021-02-04 18:13:55

"Good company, highly recommended."
March 2, 2021

2021-03-17 | 14:29:59

"Safely home as always... Tanks friends"
February 18, 2021

2021-03-17 | 14:29:50

"Alaska cab saved my bacon! They are more than a taxi service. I was calling for a taxi because I was locked out of my truck and stranded and they offered me LOCKOUT SERVICE! They have lockout service! They said every taxi was busy and 25 min away, but would be over ASAP. In only about 30 min someone arrived and I was saved! And it was a reasonable price. It would have taken forever to do it through insurance and calling around to get someone. What could have been a miserable afternoon ended up being no big deal. Thank you so much!"
May 14, 2020

Awesome and Helpful Driver!

"I had an awesome driver today that helped me with a big bag of dog food. He was kind and considerate (and my dogs loved him and wanted to be taken for a drive too!) I will be using this cab company until my knee heals up (I normally drive a manual transmission and just not possible right now.). Thanks so much--I really appreciated the extra "mile" my driver went to to help me with this task."
March 26, 2020

Michelle Mayac | 2020-02-18 08:48:47

"So I called in the middle of the night like 230am never use them before needing a ride to my home from my ER visit & I had a rough night as it was but your call taker was very nice & service was fast I wanted to say thank you to that call taker it meant a lot after that night I had. So I said I would leave and outstanding review I highly recommend Alaska Cab"